Home Automation Company Spotlight: Savant

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Experience a Luxurious Lifestyle in the Comfort of Your Home

Are you looking for a way to make your Summerlin, NV home feel more luxurious and comfortable? If so, it’s time to install a smart home automation system. A smart home automation system puts the control of every smart device in your home right in the palm of your hand.

In this blog post, we’re putting the spotlight on Savant—a home automation company that puts technology at the center of comfort and convenience. Keep reading to find out how Savant can transform your at-home experience.

Brings Energy-Efficiency to Your Home

If you want to be more conscious about the energy your home consumes, it’s not enough to attempt to use the lights in your home less or remember to turn the AC off when you leave the house. If you truly want to see a reduction in energy use and a lower monthly energy bill, you have to understand how much energy your home uses and how to make changes based on that information.

Savant gives you all the tools you need to make adjustments to your energy use at home to increase your savings and live a greener life. The Savant Pro app manages energy loads throughout your house and can even shut power off to certain equipment like your HVAC system or lighting control system when you’re away from home. Proactive monitoring is the best way to reduce your carbon footprint and save money.

Extra Peace of Mind with Tightened Security

One of homeowners’ favorite features of a Savant home automation system is the extra layer of security it brings to your property. You’ll never have to wonder in bed if you locked the back door after you’ve turned the light off, thanks to smart locks and the Savant Pro app. Simply pick up your smartphone, open the app, activate your smart security system and enjoy peace of mind.

Plus, you can check in on your home from anywhere in the world and even be alerted of suspicious activity on your property as soon as it’s detected.

Elevate Your Comfort and Convenience

Smart home automation was created to make your at-home experience more comfortable and convenient. Savant takes that comfort to the next level. When you integrate smart devices like your smart thermostat, motorized window treatments, and lighting control with your Savant automation system, you can have more power and control.

Now, you can control all of your smart home technology from one centralized location. Create schedules for your lighting system, window shades, and smart thermostat to create optimal environments for different activities like working or relaxing without remembering to activate your systems.

Savant truly makes a luxurious lifestyle possible in your home. Are you ready to experience it? If so, the Elite A/V team is prepared to help. Give us a call, fill out our online contact form, or chat with an expert below to schedule a no-obligation consultation. We look forward to transforming your home!