Explore The Health Benefits Of Smart Lighting Control

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Improve your well-being with lighting designed with your health in mind

Health and wellness have become more prevalent in the past few years as people become proactive about their health by buying organic food, joining a gym, and going outdoors more often. Home automation is another surprising way that you can improve your overall well-being, particularly with human-centric lighting. Using the natural patterns of sunlight, human-centric lighting helps regulate your circadian rhythm, leading to an improvement in both your physical and mental health. Keep reading to learn how smart lighting control in Summerlin, NV, will improve your health and well-being.

Human-Centric Lighting Improves Your Health

When most people think about the benefits of lighting control, they think of the style and elegance it brings to their interior design. Smart lighting control does so much more than beautify your home. The type, intensity, and color of your lighting all play a role in your physical and mental health. Have you ever noticed that bright lighting keeps you alert and focused, while dimmed lighting relaxes you and makes you sleepy?

Lighting plays an integral part in regulating our circadian rhythm. Because our ancestors spent almost all of their time outside and under the sun, our bodies rely on sunlight to regulate sleep patterns and more. Human-centric lighting mimics the color and intensity of the sun throughout the day to simulate this essential sunlight. The right lighting at the right time of day ensures that your body’s internal clock maintains a balanced sleep/wake cycle. Bright light with blue hues in the morning suppresses the body’s melatonin production so that you will feel alert and awake. Dimmed lighting with warm shades in the evening promotes relaxation and encourages melatonin production to help you sleep. Having well-regulated circadian lighting leads to better sleep patterns, improved circulation, better mental health, and more.

Control4 Makes Tunable Lighting Simple

A smart lighting system from Control4 will automatically adjust the lighting in your home to match the sunlight patterns, making it easy to receive the benefits of tunable lighting. After programming the system, everything occurs automatically. If you want to make adjustments throughout the day, easily change the color and intensity of your lighting from the convenience of your Control4 app on a smartphone, tablet, or a stylish wall panel. Customize your schedule so that the lights automatically turn off when no one is home and check the status of your home lighting at any time using your smartphone.

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