Elevate Your Outdoor Audio-Video System with Sonance Speakers

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Learn What Sonance Brings to the Table for High-Quality Audio in the Outdoors

Enjoying high-quality audio in your backyard spaces is more complicated than you might expect. Outdoor acoustics operate much differently than indoor acoustics. Indoors, rooms are enclosed, which allows the audio to reflect off the walls. However, your outdoor spaces are open. Plus, the elements can ruin speakers that are not designed for the outdoors. Elite A/V is proud to partner with and install Sonance speakers, some of the best in the outdoor audio industry. Discover why Sonance is a great addition to your outdoor audio-video system in Summerlin, NV.

Sonance Landscape Series

Sonance’s Landscape Series (SLS) is one of the most well-regarded outdoor audio systems in the industry, comprised of two satellite speaker models, two in-ground subwoofers, and one hardscape subwoofer, for an audio system that is easy to install and later expand if needed.

Homeowners often try to install a few speakers along the home’s exterior to bring their audio outside, but it often results in uneven sound and can also bother the neighbors. In contrast, our technicians install the SLS line in audio distribution blocks with a set number of speakers and subwoofers and place them around your perimeter with speakers evenly spread out and facing inwards for a smoother sound that is contained within your space. Your neighbors will not be bothered, and the signal will strengthen when it hits your home’s exterior.

Our audio video integrators can customize your audio distribution system to ensure you get even and high-quality sound throughout your property. Create audio zones such as your porch and pool so that you can individually control the volume or song selection in that space from the same intuitive controller.

System Components

Every aspect of the SLS line is carefully designed for outdoor use, bringing you the industry standard of outdoor sound.

SLS speakers blend in seamlessly with your natural foliage to ensure that your audio system does not interfere with your landscape’s beauty. You can install them among trees, plants, or along walkways. These speakers are made to withstand extreme weather conditions; they are made with durable materials, triple-sealed enclosures, and waterproof connectors.

DSP amplifiers come with over 40 presets to ensure that a technician can make changes for the best quality audio and Sonance Advanced Room Correction software to help them adjust to any environment.

SLS subwoofers include a tuned port to deliver deep and resounding bass frequencies. They come in both above and below-ground options. The below-ground subwoofers are slightly more powerful and are more aesthetically pleasing as they can blend in with their surroundings. The above-ground option is a good choice for hardwood applications such as porches, roofs, or balconies.

Elite A/V is a trusted Henderson-area AV company that will transform your backyard into your personal oasis with outdoor audio video solutions. Give us a call at 702-997-4108 or fill out our online form to get started on your project today. We would love to hear from you!