Discover 3 New Control4 Technologies

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Explore the Latest Features Offered by Your Local Home Automation Company

A home automation system from Control4 adds convenience and luxury to your lifestyle. Create scenes that activate a series of actions with just the tap of a button, adjust your lighting and thermostat from anywhere in the world, and easily monitor your home while you are away. Control4 is constantly working to improve its users’ experiences. This year they have released several new technologies that will make it even easier to use your system. Read on to learn three new technologies from Control4 that you can pick up at Elite A/V, your local home automation company in Summerlin, NV.

Chime Video Doorbell

Porch pirates have become more common in the past several years as delivery services have taken over the market. Do you worry about packages left on your front porch? Have you handed out keys to your housekeeper, dog walker, and repair person? Do you worry about your children getting home safely?

Control4 has created a new product that addresses all of these questions: Control4’s Chime video doorbell was designed to integrate with your smart home system and add convenience to your life. Speak to visitors through a 5-megapixel HD camera, unlock the door, disarm the alarm system, and turn on the porch lights from a centralized location. Receive instant notifications when someone is at the door or there is unusual activity, even when it is dark through night mode. Choose from a black or satin nickel finish depending on your preferences.

T4 Touchscreens

An upgrade to the previous T3 model, Control4’s T4 Touchscreen connects to your home automation system on a stand or a wall for a constant, reliable location to access your system. It offers a new high-resolution screen, dual microphone, and more powerful speakers. From the intuitive interface, see what doors are locked, what songs are playing on your speakers, and what lights are on. Activate scenes, adjust your lighting or thermostat, and turn off devices with just a few taps.

Essential Lighting Switches

When installing smart lighting in your home, most people think about their living rooms, bedrooms, dining rooms, and home theaters but forget their bathrooms, closets, laundry rooms, and garages. Control4’s new Essential Lighting switches are an affordable way to upgrade these lesser-thought-of-rooms to smart lighting. The Essential Wireless In-Wall Switch allows you to adjust your lighting, plus monitor your status with a blue LED on the switch. Group lights and rooms together for easier access and turn every light in your home off with just a tap.